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Bird was the pioneer in radio frequency (RF) measurement industry dated back in the 1940's. Today, we celebrate its 80th years in business with its remarkable and enviable accomplishment.


J. Raymond Bird first invented his RF wattmeter in 1942 started a new era for RF test and measurement industry. Today, Bird continues to help customers test, measure, monitor and invent on a broader and deeper scale. Our newest products such as various types of vector network analyzer, vector signal analyzer, vector signal generator and many more are featured in the first pages of our 2022 catalog. These products have been developed with ingenuity, precision and simplicity in mind to meet the emerging challenges of the RF test and measurement industry. 

Bench-top Vector Network Analyzer VNA

Vector Network Analyzer VNA

High performance Bench-top Vector Network Analyzer (VNA). It is use to measures the power of a high-speed signal going into and coming back from a component or a network.


BN100 Vector Network Analyzer VNA


USB Vector Network Analyzer VNA 

High performance USB Vector Network Analyzer (VNA). Smaller size VNA that perform the same function and capability as the bench-top version.

Vector Signal Analyzer (Spectrum Analyzer)

BA100 Vector Signal Analyzer Spectrum Analyzer

Vector Signal Analyzer or Spectrum Analyzer is an instrument that measures the magnitude and phase information of RF/Microwave signals.


BG100 Vector Signal Generator RF Signal Generator


Vector Signal Generator VSG

High performance Vector Signal Generator (VSG). It generate a replicate sensor signals and create high-speed serial data or RF signals with digital modulation applied for receivers.


Signal Generator

Genemini Handheld Signal Generator is a signal generator designed for portable use. It can create voltage and charge signals over a wide range of frequencies.

genemini handheld signal generator

Sanko's Vector Network Analyzer Official partner: Bird

Bird and Sanko Technologies Sign Brand License Agreement

Solon, OH - April 2021

Sanko RF Test Equipment VNA  2.png

Bird and Sanko Technologies sign Brand License Agreement for Radio Frequency test equipment, addressing unmet needs in Telecommunications, RF components, Education


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